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Thursday, July 31, 2008

SoftBrands on Facebook

Did you know? SoftBrands has a small community within Facebook!

Lead Generation inside Social Media

As I research and talk with individuals who are SME's in the Social Media space the more I realize there is a tremendous opportunity to help shape this space. Early adopters have created a solid foundation of technology platforms and micro communities but for the second generation adapters (that is where I am placing my efforts) there is no structure or playbook. The systems exist but how we set them up and use them is totally open for discussion.

Here is one post on leveraging lead generation inside Social Media platforms.

First Post

This is the first of hopefully many future posts on hospitality technology. The purpose of this blog is to establish a place for employees, partners and colleagues to post, comment and share thoughts, ideas and such on what is important today (and tomorrow) as it relates to hospitality technology solutions.

An interesting post that really got me started was by Kevin Sturm and ironically, his blog site is called hospitality technology made simple?