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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lead Generation inside Social Media

As I research and talk with individuals who are SME's in the Social Media space the more I realize there is a tremendous opportunity to help shape this space. Early adopters have created a solid foundation of technology platforms and micro communities but for the second generation adapters (that is where I am placing my efforts) there is no structure or playbook. The systems exist but how we set them up and use them is totally open for discussion.

Here is one post on leveraging lead generation inside Social Media platforms.


Nikolai Balba said...

Social media is huge and it is only going to get bigger. What I'd like to see in a hospitality CRM application and what we are working on in Libra OnDemand CRM is the ability to monitor all of those social travel sites like Tripadvisor and Yahoo Travel and be able to track what your guests are posting about their experience at your hotel. How about an email going out to the GM of the hotel every time there is a post about his or her hotel on any of the travel web sites?

VinoEnthusiast said...

Saeed Karim:
After attending a number of presentations and couple of round tables on "Web 2.0" and "Travel 2.0", it became quite clear that the hoteliers were taking the impact of social networking quite seriously. However, aside from a few exceptions, there did not seem to be any best practices established to help deal with the consequences (positive or negative) of web 2.0 on brands. I think we can assist our customers and partners to help "manage" what content gets generated and plan for a proactive response to negatives and leverage the positive comments by turning the commentators into brand ambassadors.

Damian Lee said...

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